The Best BBQ Videos On The Internet

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Did you ever wonder how we decide what gets posted in our blog section? For now it’s just me and Scott doing all the heavy lifting so it’s usually just something that is either interesting or informative and easy to write about. I was out of ideas and busy with work so I asked Scott to send me a list of topics and maybe I could find something in there to inspire me. Lo and behold, #10. on the list caught my eye.


you tube logo10. Top BBQ Videos Online


I am guessing that he meant top BBQ videos but you never know. I started thinking about the countless videos that I have watched. Some are great but many of them are just taking up space on the interwebs. So I thought we would make it easier for you and just start posting what we feel are the best videos currently out there on YouTube. Eventually we will have a section for them but for now they will just pop up in the blog section. I promise you good content and we will rate each video and give you a brief synopsis so that you can decide if it’s worth your time.


Today’s video is from Redneck Scientific. How To Build A Simple KCBS Competition Turn in Box. The title sums it up. An instructional video on how to make a great turn in box. If you want to learn an easy way to make your turn in boxes I recommend you start here. This is where we learned to make ours and we rarely have issues with our turn in scores. Plus it frees up your time for other things you can do to improve your scores. The only thing that keeps this from getting a perfect score is the slight whistling in the audio. On the 5 star rating scale this one gets 4.9


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Mike Morrill
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