When You Go From Phat to Fat

I am the guy you shake your fist at on your commute to work.


mike morrill rad fondo bbqAs I rode my bicycle to work this morning many questions ran through my head. Why are you riding to work in the dark? Why is it so cold? Why aren’t you using your car? Why does it hurt so much doing something that used to be so easy?


There is one simple answer to all the above questions. I let myself get out of shape last year. It would be easy to blame it on all the BBQ that I ate but really when you stop in think about it, I know the blame lies with me. I will admit that I was tethered to my Humphrey’s every weekend but I still could have snuck out for a ride here and there. Nope, I just got lazy. Lazy is the curse that can ruin just about anything.


You get lazy and stop riding you get fat. You get lazy and stop working you get fired. You get lazy and stop practicing your BBQ and your comp results will soon reflect it. Since an individual only has so much energy that they can invest I found it easy to excuse my lazy behavior for the sake of getting better at competitive cooking. As a team we spend a lot of time planning, setting up and refining processes, practicing and then hopefully executing said processes correctly on comp day. You would think that with all that planning somebody might have thought to add in a process for making sure that our health didn’t suffer. Now I used “our” but that really means me as Scott stayed fit while I got fat. So now I am paying the price.


I get to get up extra early so that I can commute to work by bike. Right now it’s only going to be 2-3 days a week but by January it will be 4-5. Plus I have to come up with a plan so that I can get out on the weekends and still do my practice cooks. It’s not that difficult but it will be when I am tired. Hopefully I only have a few weeks of suffering until I start feeling normal again on the bike.


So what’s the point of all this? Never stop looking at your processes. You never know what you left out.

Mike Morrill
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