What A Cool Tool – KCBS Event Finder

Really? You wrote a blog about an event finder?


I was trolling around on the Internet this morning and came across this great little event finder search engine from CDMI. Super simple and actually very handy. Just input your zip code and desired range from home and all the KCBS comps pop right up. It also gives you mileage and mapping info. I would like to take credit for this but I found it at the bbq-brethren forum site.


Since I took the time to write the blog I might as well do a mini review while I am at my computer. The search engine is fast and pulled up all events that I was aware of for the date and mileage range. One downside is that the map it feature does not link with Google maps. Not a deal breaker but it does bring the rating down a bit. RFB gives this link 4.8 stars.


Source: http://www.cdmiweb.com/kcbs/eventfinder.htm, for mobile users you may find the direct link is easier to view.


Give it a try.




Mike Morrill
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