Indio California State BBQ Championship & Festival 2016

Indio, Ca – Nov, 2016

This is it, the last contest of the year and we are leading the ROY chase by 11 points over Smoked Seduction. SS is a team based out of Tracy, CA and they have come on strong at the tail end of the season. They also made the trip to Indio so we are going head to head for the ROY title. Mathematically they have to finish 7th place or higher and we would have to finish 11th or lower for them to take the title. With a loaded field it will be very tough but you never know. Shuji slayed it with the best breakfast of the year and we think he has created a monster as we are now feeding a lot more people than ever. We had the best cook of the year for sure. Each box was better than the next. Unfortunately both our chicken and our ribs were on the spicy side and the judges didn’t like them nearly as much as we did. We had a major scare as Smoked Seduction took 1st in ribs! Mind you, this is a stacked field so a top 10 in any category is impressive. Luckily karma paid off for us and our pork earned us 2nd place (we actually tied for first). A 10th place brisket call sealed the day for us and we finished 1 place ahead of SS in 17th overall. A last minute judgement call on our pork saved the day for sure. We owe that one to Shuji for suggesting to swing for the fences and to Jim Young for giving us the idea. RFB 2016 ROY Champs!