Hello 911, I’m on Fire

One minute things are going great and then shit goes sideways.


I was sitting here today trying to come up with some sort of spark of an idea for a blog when a realized that a spark was exactly what I had. There was a very high profile fire over the weekend when Franklin BBQ lost their smokehouse from a flying ember. They were lucky in the sense that the restaurant portion of the building was saved but they still are going to be shut down for some time. While they will be back it does put a serious strain on the employees that will be without a paycheck until they are back up and running. Let’s hope that it’s sooner rather than later.



In other fire related news, a good friend lost her home last week when a leaking gas line caused a huge explosion. Luckily they were up at 3 am getting ready to leave on a camping trip and were able to escape the fire without injuries. A go fund me page is posted in the article here if you would like to help. Diane is also the breeder of Ginger our white lab. https://www.gofundme.com/diane-alajoki-fire-loss



Two stories about fires to brighten your day? No. I brought these up to illustrate a point. Fires happen and they can happen quickly. Most of us have BBQ’s and smokers going all the time but stop for a second and answer this. Where is your fire extinguisher? I know where mine is. One is in my truck and the other is in my trailer. Fine for comps but not very helpful if my cook goes haywire in my backyard. Sure there is a garden hose but what if my Green Mountain Grill goes up in flames? Not sure I want to be spraying water on that.


I think one of my projects for the weekend is to get another fire extinguisher and mount it where it will be useful if ever needed. You never know when that will be. Or you can just bounce.


Mike Morrill
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