Video Review – Newton Wouldn’t Protest

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.


A long time has passed since I have done a video review and since I had a few minutes to sit down at my computer, I figured I would bless you with this 22-second clip. RFB really isn’t about protests, violence or political leanings but I would be negligent as a human if I didn’t share this with the BBQ world. Many of you may have seen this already but really, it’s worth another look. Plus there is smoke involved so I guess it’s got some sort of BBQ merit.



I have to give the guy in the blue shorts some credit. He came prepared. He has a nice gas mask on and I’m pretty sure he feels invincible. He also has a tactical back pack which if I had to guess is filled with Star Wars figurines. The first clue that he is not is not nearly as tough as we think is when he prances onto the road to kick the tear gas canister. In a series of steps a newborn giraffe would be proud of, he pathetically kicks the canister back towards the police. Tired from the effort he hastily retreats a few steps before turning around to survey the damage only a Stormtrooper of his power can deliver. Calmly he scans the battlefield…


Sometimes the fog of war can distort time and what likely felt like hours to our heroic boy in blue really took only three seconds. Don’t blink or you will miss all the fun as Blue takes a 37mm tear gas canister right to the junk. The glorious smoke trail sending out signs of impending doom for our hero. Ouch. That’s going to leave a mark. He does the proper thing and falls to the ground and fish flops a bit before being helped away by a bystander. Holy crap! That’s not a bystander, that’s Colin Kaepernick. Why can’t he move that fast on the field?


The downside of this video is that at only 22 seconds we really don’t get to learn much about our fallen hero. I’m sure the canister didn’t do much for his love life but I am going to go out on a limb and guess he wasn’t exactly real popular with the ladies prior to this incident. While we do not condone violence of any sort, since someone took one directly to the bean purse we feel it’s appropriate to post. RFB gives this video 4.8 stars.

Mike Morrill
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