The Making of the 2-minute Brisket Trim Video

I still have a headache from the first one!


We had such a positive response from the first time-lapse video we did on the brisket trim (, we thought we would step it up a notch. Using the highest of tech equipment (iPhone, kitchen cabinet, and a white cutting board) we take you from the brisket trim (splitting the flat and point) to injection, seasoning and finally slicing the brisket.


In an effort to elevate this video our good friends the Atomic Mosquitos ( have allowed us to use their music. The balance of time-lapse videography and raging surf guitar takes the video from a 7 (mystery judge) to a 9, well at least we believe it is a 9 in appearance and flavor.


Take it for a test spin and let us know how you rate it.


Hold your breath and buckle up, this is a full brisket cook from trim to finish in under three minutes.



The brisket was a Costco prime, 15.6 pounds. The injection is Big Poppa Smokers Cattleprod and the rubs, well… you are just going to find that on your own. Let’s just say they are all available online at Big Poppa Smokers and the BBQ Superstore.

Scott Sanchez
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