Video Review – How to Trim A Pork Butt

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money muscle bbq pork buttIt’s time for another video review. Last time we brought you a box building tutorial from Redneck Scientific. Today we are going a little bit deeper and are giving you a look at how to trim a competition pork butt.


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Today’s video from the BBQ Beat is a demonstration by Jim Elser of Sweet Smoke Q. How To Cook Competition BBQ Pork Butt. Frankly as instructional videos go on the internet this one ranks very high. Watch this about 20 times followed by trimming a bunch of pork butts and you will be getting calls in no time. That’s provided you cook, season and box it properly as well. Jim takes the time to explain what each part of the shoulder is and goes into great detail about trimming out the “money muscle”. This is a must watch video. Rad Fondo BBQ gives this video 5 out of 5 stars. You are getting for free what all the people sitting around him paid a lot of money for. You can always thank him by purchasing his Sweet Smoke Q injection.



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