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The Jetro Story

Nothing puts life in perspective like a fist fight.


So we all have our favorite places to purchase our comp meats and supplies. Here in So Cal we have Costco, Sam’s Club, the chain grocery stores and Restaurant Depot. For those that have never been to Restaurant Depot it’s a chain of restaurant supply stores geared towards caterers and small restaurant owners. They are the size of a club store and mostly sell in bulk. It is a membership store but if you are a KCBS member you get a free membership.


It’s where we typically source ribs and shoulders as they have a large selection and if you are there on the right day you can sort through 20-30 shoulders to find the right ones. The down side is that it can be crowded and until you figure out the delivery schedule you can sometimes make the drive and find slim pickings. A good friend of mine sent me a link to a story about a similar style chain in the New York area. It really made me much more appreciative of RD even on a bad day. For the record they have Jetro out here as well but I don’t think it has the same ambiance.


The Jetro Story


Give this a read, it’s worth your time. is also worth bookmarking of you are a foodie.


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